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Laminated Fabrics can be used in several applications throughout the world. The applications below represent possible uses for laminated fabric. This partial list serves as a starting point when matching a laminated fabric to a particular use. Laminated fabrics will be suitable for several of the applications below. However, many instances will require the development of a custom fabric to meet the needs of the application. Submit a request for custom fabric here.

Geotextiles, geosynthetics, frost covers, ground covers, conveyor belts, feed bags, super sacks, collapsible storage tanks, pillow tanks, pond liners, fuel storage, food storage, water storage, farm machinery covers, fabric curtains, insulated curtains, fabric buildings, compost covers, lagoon covers, gas collection bladders
Alternative Energy  
Thermal barrier fabrics, fabric solar panels, fabrics for ethanol storage, fuel storage tank emission controls, storage tank seal materials, protective materials for nuclear facilities, fabrics for algae fuels, windmill fabrics, fabrics for biomass energy, wind Energy, solar Energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy.
Automotive/ Transportation  
Vehicle covers, collapsible storage tanks, acoustic sound barriers, rail car liners
Life rafts, boat fabrics, boat covers, hose covers
Helicopter and airplane covers, acoustic fabrics
Chemical Engineering  
Chemical protective suits and protective gear, folding bags
Concrete and Cement  
underlayment, barrier fabrics, concrete catchers, bags, equipment covers
erosion control, underlayment fabrics, silt barriers, equipment covers, geotextiles, metal wraps, roofing membranes, walkway materials, foundation liners, underslab materials
Fire Departments / Civil Protection  
hose covers, scuff jackets, air pressure lifting pillows, blanket exteriors, protective apparel, respiratory cover sheets, fire retardant liners
Cable wraps
Food & Beverage  
Fabric packaging, liners, bags
Transport covers
Protective apparel, surgical devices, components for implants, vapor barriers
Mining and Metallurgy  
Fire retardant laminated fabrics, safe rooms, gas holder curtains, air barriers, leach pads, pond liners, equipment covers
Fuel storage, water storage, equipment covers, vehicle covers, personal protection
Power Generation / Nuclear  
Chemical protective suits and protective gear, coal pile liners, fuel tank secondary containment, lagoon covers, floating covers, urethane sheeting, wire wrapping, water storage tanks, personal protection, lifting bags
Battery containment, urethane liners, urethane bags
Petroleum and Gas  
Gas bags, pipeline covers and containments, emissions controls, tank seals, tank seal aprons, rim seal materials, gauge pole covers, floating roof seal materials, gas collection bladders, analyzer pressure bladders, gas holder curtains, collapsible fuel tanks, secondary containment
Pollution & Treatment  
Hydrocarbon emission controls, vapor bladders, vapor barriers, fuel storage tanks, oil booms
Rubber & Plastics  
Urethane sheeting, urethane on rolls
Sports & Leisure  
Air-filled bladders, tire bladders, boats and rafts,
Toys & Games  
Children's toys, toys made of urethane or HDPE
Waste Management  
Collapsible storage tanks, reservoir liners, pond liners, fabrics for digesters, tank liners, baffle systems, collection liners
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laminated fabrics
Mesa Laminated Fabrics (MLF) manufactures industrial fabrics and laminated material for use in a wide variety of applications. MLF produces laminated urethane and other proprietary materials, including specialty Thermo Plastic Urethanes (TPU), and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). MLF products are available with custom features, such as an exclusive vapor barrier for superior non-permeability rates, chemical compatibility and resistance to fire, ozone and U/V.
Laminator for producing fabrics from a series of films

Mesa Laminated Fabrics product lines are manufactured at our Monrovia, California facility. Our in-house production allows Mesa to ensure quality control through each stage of the fabrics lamination process. Our staff has decades of experience in the laminates industry to offer each customer a wealth of expertise when producing the laminated material of their choice. MLF produces standard product lines offering a range of features for many applications. Standard product lines include Mesathane (TPU) and Mesalon (HDPE). In addition to producing these products, MLF consistently meets industry challenges by providing custom laminated fabrics for diverse applications. Challenge us with your industrial fabrics project. Mesa will develop a custom fabric based on specific customer requirements and deliver a innovative solution to meet or exceed the necessary specifications.

MesaThane is a reinforced premium-grade aromatic urethane laminate that features superior abrasion resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. MesaThane is available in a variety of specifications to meet the needs of specific applications. Mesalon 7010 is a reinforced polymer laminate designed to provide superior chemical resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. 7010 is well suited for 100% aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ETBE, MTBE, Ethanol, Methanol and other chemicals. Mesalon 7010 is designed to provide maximum performance and service life in extreme chemical environments.