Laminated Material Specification Brochures

Visit the laminated fabrics page for complete specifications or use the convenient list of documents below to download material spec sheets for saving and printing. Mesa's laminated fabrics are available in a wide variety of specifications to meet customer requirements. Mesa also specializes in custom laminates designed for individual customer requests. The custom laminates form is available to submit a request to our engineers.

laminated fabrics
Mesa Laminated Fabrics (MLF) manufactures industrial fabrics and laminated material for use in a wide variety of applications. MLF produces laminated urethane and other proprietary materials, including specialty Thermo Plastic Urethanes (TPU), and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). MLF products are available with custom features, such as an exclusive vapor barrier for superior non-permeability rates, chemical compatibility and resistance to fire, ozone and U/V.
Laminator for producing fabrics from a series of films
Mesa Laminated Fabrics product lines are manufactured at our Monrovia, California facility. Our in-house production allows Mesa to ensure quality control through each stage of the fabrics lamination process. Our staff has decades of experience in the laminates industry to offer each customer a wealth of expertise when producing the laminated material of their choice. MLF produces standard product lines offering a range of features for many applications. Standard product lines include Mesathane (TPU) and Mesalon (HDPE).